The Global Member Survey 2020 is on!

Lea Grüter · 4 minutes · 10.02.2020

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Edit: We made it! With the help of all of you, we reached our goal of 135 survey submissions – we got exactly 136 participants! We want to thank all of you who participated and spread the word!
During the coming weeks, we will analyze the data so that we can give you interesting insights into our community on the next Summer Townhall (on June 11, save the date!)!



Voice your impact – NOW!

The global survey 2020 will run from February 11 to March 11


Start with why:

Evaluating and measuring impact is part of our DNA as Impact Hub. With reliable data, we can support our narrative that the big challenges of our time can only be tackled through sustainable and collaborative solutions. This survey will provide us all a solid communication tool: We are the world’s biggest social impact network that is really making a change!

Only with the help and feedback of members and makers, we are able to inspire, connect and enable.


In 2020 our goal is 150 filled-in surveys in Zürich. Let’s get there together, here is how:

→ All members of Impact Hub Zürich can participate, if they joined us before November 11th 2019

→ Survey takes maximum 30 minutes

→ You can interrupt the survey and continue later on

→ Your answers are anonymized


Of course, we have a few surprises lined up for you!

Each week we will raffle amazing prizes to help sweeten things up:

  1. Week: 11.02. – 17.02. 4×2 Tickets for the films for future festival (3-8 March)
  2. Week: 18.02. – 24.02. 2 Vouchers: each for 2: 2×3 Plates at Kraftwerk CHF 90.00)
  3. Week: 25.02. – 02.03. 2x Nomad Memberships for 3 months each.
  4. Week: 03.03. – 11.03. 4x vouchers for SBB, 50 CHF each


Stay tuned, each week we have new prizes

And: Impact Hub Global will raffle 2 participants of the Member Survey globally who will receive a stipend of EUR 500 each!


Take the survey now! 





Through several years of experience in project management in the culture and trade show industry, international sales, event moderations and tour management, I have had insights in diverse environments. But the connecting element has always been the close contact with people! And as community builder in the Impact Hub I continue that path as the ultimate networker. Genuinely curious about y...

Lea Grüter, Community Builder

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