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About Business Help Desk Sessions

A Business Help Desk session is a 45 minutes one-on-one coaching with a senior expert to discuss your specific questions. Business Help Desk sessions are available for all Impact Hub Zürich Members.


  • What kind of legal entity do I need for my project (#association #gmbh #ag #foundation)?
  • What do I need to do with my co-founders (#equitysplit #goodleaver #badleaver)?
  • How should I structure and negotiate the financing of my project (#convertibleloan #termsheet #shareholdersagreement #investmentagreement)?
  • What kind of contracts do I need (#GTC #Licenseagreement)?
  • How do I protect my IP (# )?
  • How can I protect myself against specific risks?

The Expert

These and more questions can be answered by Eric Kuenzi, our Impact Hub Zürich expert on legal & governance.


If you book a Business Help Desk session you are asked to answer three questions on max 1A4 and send them to the coach latest two days before the appointment. It will help you both to make most out of your 45 min appointment.

Check the homepage for the pricing system. For sessions with Eric Kuenzi outside of the Business Help Desk session get in touch with him directly. Attention! Check the pricing that applies in this case beforehand!

Please register here for a session!

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Business Help Desk | Legal & Governance

Tue 03. Sep 2019 , 09:00 - 13:05

Location: Colab

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Karin joined Impact Hub Zurich from Impact Hub Singapore after having studied and worked in the US and Germany. A native Swiss-Colombian, she is a polyglot by passion. Her academic background is in music, business psychology, digital management & transformation. She believes in building identity, in the value of community and the power of curated connections.

Karin Stephan, Community & Ecosystem Builder

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