Finalists of the Impact Hub Fellowship ICT4Good

David Emmerth · 6 min · 16.09.2015

We are very happy to announce the three finalists of the Impact Hub Fellowship ICT4Good. Pumpipumpe, 11h and Impact Microscopy Lab convinced the jury and prevailed against their three competitors. Congratulations!

Their projects will lead them down a diverse range of paths such as sharing abundant objects, transforming local news and reducing malaria casualties. The teams will enjoy three months of intensive training and unlimited access to the Impact Hub Zürich workspace to refine their business model.

Cohort Phase

The three teams have now entered the cohort phase of the fellowship – an intensive three month period where they receive support to refine their business model with collaborative working at the Impact Hub as well as peer learning sessions and workshops.

The three finalists bring great ideas and entrepreneurial drive to the Impact Hub: We are thrilled to accompany their journey on how to use Information and Communication Technologies to enable sustainable life- and workstyles.

2324_500x300We want to change how local news is spread and local issues discussed within communities. Municipal administrations, local political parties, sports clubs or youth associations lack a simple and immediate way to communicate short updates and share their message. On the other hand, we also want to enable citizens to voice their concerns and give feedback easily. The local newspaper of the future will be online-first, as well as created by and for the community—and we want to build that platform.

Pumipumpe_500x300In jedem Haushalt befinden sich Objekte die man nur selten braucht. Gleichzeitig wäre man manchmal froh, sich Dinge, die man nur ab und zu benötigt, einfach kurz ausleihen zu können. Ziel des Projekts Pumpipumpe ist es, leihfreudige Nachbarn und ihre Gegenstände sichtbar zu machen und die gemeinsame Nutzung von Konsumobjekten zu fördern. Das geschieht zum einen Offline mit kleinen Aufklebern am Briefkasten, wo Nachbarn und Quartierbewohner täglich vorbeigehen und zum anderen Online mit einer interaktiven Karte.

Impac_Microcospy_Lab_500x300Malaria currently causes over half a million deaths per year in the developing world.  Many of these deaths are due to the lack of access to sufficient diagnostic equipment and expertise. Our solution to this problem would integrate camera equipped cell phones (an estimated 4.5 billion worldwide), a $1 microscope (Foldscope) and our Cloud-based image analysis to provide timely remote Malaria diagnosis at low-cost and on a large scale.

Impact Hub Fellow chosen in December

After the three months, these three teams will face another jury who will then crown the Impact Hub Fellow ICT4good. The latter will receive further financial support as well as continue the incubation program for another 9 months.

Stay tuned for the public award ceremony taking place on December 1.

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Work should be more then just about earning money. It is this philosophy that has ultimately led David to the Hub where he supports the program division. On his journey in finding a position with a real impact, David has dwelled into environmental consulting and journalism. As a member of DeCo! sustainable-farming he has hands on experience with the challenges that social entrepreneurs face....

David Emmerth, Program Manager

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