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ggCarrots Switzerland is a community for anyone interested in new technologies. We aim at attracting more women to tech, and at the same time give more recognition to those established in the field.  We host meetups that give an excellent overview of possible jobs in tech. Ultimately, we want to not only diversify the professional network of our members but also spark off new innovative collaborations through mutual education and networking sessions. In 2017, we launch a series of programming workshops for various levels of expertise. We strongly believe that education should know no boundaries, and we want to reward anyone who tries. With us anyone can be a mentor, and anyone can be a mentee.

Our community brings together female system admins, analysts, application architects, developers, graphic designers, IT managers, programmers, social media specialists, system architects, women with startups, computer science students, researchers, data scientists and many more. We are a part of a global community that is present in Poland, Germany, UK, Japan, Portugal, Switzerland, Holland, Israel, South Korea and Czech Republic.

The model we employ has already successfully helped many women transition from their fields to tech. From a sociologist and an artist to front-end developers; from a lawyer to a software developer/entrepreneur; from wan architect to a UX designer. These are just a few examples of life-changing experiences ggCarrots facilitated worldwide. Now, and we want to do the same in Switzerland. So come by and explore new opportunities with us!



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