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Lisa Bounoure · 6 minutes · 31.03.2016

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As a teenager, I wanted to be Mother Theresa of Calcutta, help those who have less live a better, healthier life. I became a researcher in medical sciences but in fact, I could not understand why we, humans, were destroying our environment and endangering ourselves. I decided to share my professional life between trying to solve health and environmental issues, until I realized there are ways to help people and our planet at the same time. One of them is providing environmental education.


Sustainable help through environmental education

I co-founded Slow Motion Projects, a Swiss-based non-profit organisation whose goal is to allow underprivileged communities to Iive a better life in a socially and environmentally sustainable way. We connect people like you and me, in Switzerland and Europe, with local NGOs and create environmental education and outreach projects. Our partner NGOs give us the knowledge on the local social, educational and environmental issues and the feasibility of the projects. In exchange, we bring them your financial support, and work with them as volunteers for planning, developing and controlling the projects on-site.


For our first year, we will travel to central Asia

Starting from April 2016, we will reach Mongolia, China and India. On site, we will help our local partners to: reconnect kids from the Ulan Bator slums with the nature surrounding them; renovate an environmental museum and organise sustainability challenges in schools in the Yunnan province of China; organise conservation outreach activities in schools and villages of the indian province of Uttarakhand, in the Western Himalaya; and a lot more.


Mr. Chen is demonstrating trashes in front of the students mountainous students are surrounding exhibition boards


We bring a full, transparent help… and in Slow Motion

We give our partners 100% of the donations we receive for developing the projects. All other expenses of Slow Motion Projects are funded by us, not through the donations.


Oh and why are we called Slow Motion Projects? We travel to the project locations slowly, without flying, and keep our environmental footprint as low as possible. Our projects are also planned so that they can continue autonomously after reaching the goals set with our partner NGOs. When we will return to Switzerland in April 2017, we wish to create a larger network of NGOs, volunteers and people who want to support projects which matter to them.


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Slow Motion Projects has just started a crowdfunding campaign to make our projects in China and India happen! Spread the word and support us here!


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I am a biologist turned project manager and campaign coordinator. I am into nutrition, climate change solutions, sustainable behaviors. I love being in the mountains, practicing yoga, and being creative.

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  1. André says:

    Hi Lisa

    Again: amazing initiative and projects! And particularily that you even cover your own (travel) expenses from your own money, so that 100% of the donations go into projects. I haven’t seen this so far!

    BTW: the link to support your projects leads to a project where funding has already ended. Maybe you want to update the link.

    Best, André

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