Circular Economy Incubator

General info about the program:
The Circular Economy (CE) Incubator enables individuals and startups to prototype and develop innovative solutions contributing to accelerate the transition towards Circular Economy in Switzerland. During the program, the selected entrepreneurs work on implementing their solutions and validating their business models, with the support from high-level mentors, experts and our network of impact investors.

The CE Incubator is part of a pioneer initiative “Circular Economy Transition” that aims at accelerating the transition of Switzerland to a Circular Economy. It currently takes place in 5 Swiss cities – Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, and Zurich.

In close collaboration with all Impact Hubs throughout Switzerland, sanu durabilitas and with the support of the MAVA foundation, this initiative will contribute to drive the new paradigm for the future of business, policy making and society through 4 main pillars.

  • Monthly events for the general public
  • An incubator for projects & startups
  • A business lab for corporates and SMEs
  • Research based policy advise
More info on the CET website: Click here