STRIDE | unSchool of Collaborative Leadership MeetUp on Career Transformation

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Are you pondering a career change or a transition of sorts? Are you curious about the possibilities to shape your own career more actively and infuse it with more meaning?

Then join us for the STRIDE Community Meetup. In an informal setting with a “Feierabendbierli,” we will facilitate an exchange between you and other purpose-seekers looking for a twist in their professional development path.

Let’s use a positive framework to encourage each other to pursue opportunities that are as wild as our dreams while having fun in the meantime 🙂

We host this meetup upon demand from our community. Our learnings from profound conversations informed about the general lack of purpose and meaning at work in Switzerland and beyond.

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STRIDE | unSchool of Collaborative Leadership MeetUp on Career Transformation

Tue 11. Dec 2018 , 18:00 - 19:30

Location: Café Auer&Co.

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