STRIDE | Community Meet Up

Are you pondering a career change? Are you curious about the possibilities to shape your own career more actively and infuse it with more meaning?


So are many of our Striders – Would you like to understand their motivations? Their career paths? And get valuable insights for your personal decision in the process?

Then join us for the STRIDE Community Meetup. In an informal setting with a “Feierabendbierli”, we will facilitate exchange between Striders and others looking for a more meaningful career. If you can’t make 18h, you can join later. But please drop us a quick line if you come later.

We host this meetup upon demand from our community to meet each other. We realized that many people are wondering about the same questions and would like to use this meetup to address some of those questions. And have fun in the meantime :). We are most likely a small group.

After the facilitated part, you are more than welcome to stay for a nice drink and chat with a wonderful community of people.


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STRIDE | Community Meet Up

Thu 12. Oct 2017 , 18:30 - 20:00

Location: Colab

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STRIDE – unSchool for Entrepreneurial Leadership fundamentally believes that people, if they are free, want to contribute to the greater good through their lives (naturally, this includes themselves). A problem is that the current learning world does not enable people to create. This is where

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