School of AI – Meetup No. 2

This event was originally announced on by the group Zürich School of AI – use their site to join: Event Page

Dear School-of-AI enthusiasts,

Dima and I are very pleased to announce the 2nd meeting of the SOAI Zurich. This event will start with a short presentation on the theory of neural-networks with back-propagation and will be followed by a hands-on coding session on a web-interface (no need to install anything beforehand). Our goal is to target a wide audience from the beginner to the intermediate. We will provide some examples of NN-applications and you can code along and ask many questions! We want this to be a learning experience for everyone and get you inspired to solve your own AI-problems.

The event is free, but we are grateful for any donations which will be used to fund future events.
Also, we would ask you to RSVP at least 48 hours before (or earlier if possible) so we can prepare the event better.

The location is: Impact Hub, Viaduktstrasse 93, Arch D.
Impact Hub has generously sponsored this event. Here’s their website:

If you want to find out more about School of AI and the founder Siraj Raval check out the website
or his youtube channel:

Short-cut Infos

School of AI – Meetup No. 2

Fri 17. May 2019 , 18:45 - 20:45

Location: Viadukt

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