RemoteCon is a remote conference about remote work.

One of the world’s first ever remote conferences, you can attend from your home, workspace, the local coffee shop… anywhere with an internet connection.

We’ll be hosting dozens of key speakers talking about a variety of issues relating to remote work in the following three channels.

Tools & Tech

for remote work

What are the best tools to make remote work actually work? There’s a plethora of new tools and services that are specifically designed for remote work. This is the track to discover and learn about them.

Organization & Culture

when working remotely

“Let’s work remotely” is not enough — without the right culture, any remote work efforts will fail. In this track, you’ll learn from teams that have implemented a remote work culture successfully.

The Law

concerning remote work

You have the tech and the culture — but what about legal barriers? Labor laws from the 21st century are often a barrier for a globally distributed workforce. In this track, we’ll talk about potential solutions.

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Tue 07. Apr 2020 , 12:00 - 21:30