Mobile Development with Flutter for Beginners

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Join us and develop your very first mobile application from scratch with Google’s Flutter!

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Chris Gwilliams has worked with Startups, public bodies and international companies. He has a PhD in Computer Science and has taught different mobile development courses at University. He is currently a Research Software Engineer for the University of Zürich and a self-proclaimed gadget-geek.

A bit about Chris and Flutter:

“I am Chris Gwilliams, a Computer Scientist that has been involved with Android since before it was cool to buy collectible figures of the Android mascot.
Google provides a flexible, open operating system for those that want control over their hardware or to have the very latest features. I have used Java, Kotlin, JavaScript and, now, Dart to code mobile apps for phones, tablets and watches. In this `Mobile Development with Flutter` session, I will show you the latest way to make apps for both major platforms with a single project.”

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Mobile Development with Flutter for Beginners

Sun 09. Dec 2018 , 10:00 - 15:00

Location: Colab

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