A Meaningful Career: What are your options?

Are you looking for a meaningful job? This urge combined with a need for innovation and positive impact leads us directly to concrete career options. 

Our goal is to present you different paths for a job with meaning as impact-driven entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs. Additionally you can connect with a network of peers who have similar questions. Why?

For more and more talented professionals who are predestined for a what-used-to-be stellar career, earning money and rising up the career ladder is not enough anymore. They are looking to change something in the world through their job: a career with purpose. This does not mean that money is not important. On the contrary, we all want to take care of our families and be able to enjoy the opportunities of our time. However, it should be possible to combine the different factors that makes us happy, shouldn’t it?

It turns out to be difficult for professionals to access opportunities to combine money and meaning. Are you one of those? Then this event is for you.

Join us for an evening session with:


MMU_MeaningfulCareer_Foto_JoannaHafenmayer_20151012Joanna Stefanska, Executive Director of Rising Tide Foundation, Founder of MyImpact 

Joanna used to be an Executive at Microsoft before she travelled and wrote a book on meaningful careers. She followed her passion in supporting people to find their meaningful career with MyImpact and now heads a philanthropic foundation.


Olga Miler, Global Program Architect at UBS

Olga is a Managing Director at UBS Wealth Management and a specialist in gender equality, gender-lens investing, and women and finance. When she wanted to build services specifically tailored for their female clients, she tried different attempts to raise awareness for this topic and finally became founding member and  global program architect of a five-year change program to tackle this issue. 


Curdin Janett, Founder of Fromage Mauerhofer 

Curdin was the CEO of Publicis Communications before he decided to follow his passion for cheese and started a new business from scratch. He can tell us why it’s never to late to start all over again.



Carla Bünger, CMO & Business Development Manager at Smart Containers Group

Carla was an experienced Marketing Manager when she got interested in blockchain technology. She got so hooked by its possibilities, that she had to find a way to pivot into this space. First, she got an advisor role at Lykke Corp and finally joined Smart Containers Group by convincing the management team to run an ICO and build the next generation of fully autonomous containers based on blockchain technology.



Anaïs Sägesser, Co-Founder of Stride 

Anaïs was director and senior advisor at Climate-KIC when she decided that she wants to more deeply support people in their personal development towards entrepreneurial leaders. So she quit her job and co-designed the uDEL, a one-year real-life learning experience to develop entrepreneurial leadership skills.



After hearing all the inputs on the different topics about meaningful careers, the participants will have the chance to find out more directly from the speakers in individual Q&As. The event will last until 8:30pm followed by a delicious apero where you can meet like-minded people.

The world is changing fast and new opportunities keep emerging to make a difference and to find your own path. Welcome to the journey…


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Presented by Impact Hub Zürich and MyImpact: 



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This infographic bellow might help you understand the differences between social entrepreneurs and social intrapreneurs:


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A Meaningful Career: What are your options?

Mon 28. May 2018 , 18:15 - 21:00

Location: Viadukt

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Contact Person

Johanna is an enthusiast entrepreneur and change agent. In the past 3 years, she has helped Impact Hub’s partners to transform their cultures towards more inclusive, innovative and self-managed work environments. Right now she focuses on building a new venture which helps companies to recruit more women into leadership positions. Stay tuned.

Johanna Seeliger


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