Learn to code with Master21 at WE SHAPE TECH Zurich during CodeWeekEU

Have you always wanted to try coding but never did?

We believe anybody can learn to code and actually should because it’s an important 21st century skill. We want you to finally get hands-on with coding for an evening. You will see that coding is no magic but fun and empowering. And since its CodeWeekEU, creating with code is celebrated in over 46 countries during that week. So what better week to finally try coding?

Join many beginners on October 15th, write your first lines of code with the WE SHAPE TECH & Master21 team. You will get an overview of modern web applications and learn hands-on to use HTML and CSS. At the end of the evening, you will be the proud maker of a simple website you coded yourself.

Is this workshop for you?

Men and women interested in learning to code are welcome. This workshop is for absolute beginners. The only thing you need to know is how to open a website in your browser (but since you are reading this, we assume you can do that). Please bring your own computer.


6:00 Open Doors: Welcome Prosecco
6:30 Intro by Master21 and WE SHAPE TECH
6:35 Keynote by Kanton Zurich, Fachstelle für Gleichstellung von Mann & Frau
6:50 Session 1 hands-on learn to code session with Chanel Greco
7:15 Session 2
7:40 Session 3
8:30 Networking & Apéro & carry on coding if you fancy!


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About Master21
Master21 aims to give people a kickstart in tech. In our programs you learn relevant 21st century skills, like coding, creativity and critical thinking. Learn to create with code with https://master21.academy

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Learn to code with Master21 at WE SHAPE TECH Zurich during CodeWeekEU

Mon 15. Oct 2018 , 18:00 - 21:00

Location: Kraftwerk

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