Ionic – Web Push Notifications and Open Mic

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For this second Ionic Zürich Meetup of 2019, I’ll display step by step how to implement Web Push Notifications in a Progressive Web App developed with Ionic and Angular.

The second part of the meetup has no general agenda and will be an open mic questions and answers, let solve our issues and questions together 🚀

But of course if you are interested to present a particular topic, feel free to reach me out, that would be awesome 😃

To infinity and beyond 🖖


🚀 Add Web Push Notifications to a Progressive Web App

I recently had to implement the Web Push Notifications with Google FCM in a Progressive Web App build with Ionic (v4) and Angular. In this presentation I’ll share my small experience and display how to setup and implement such a solution in a PWA.

I’ll also try to highlight the one or two tricks I found useful while developing it (for example, did you know that Web Push Notifications doesn’t work in a Chrome incognito window or tab but only in regular ones?).

Funny thing to note, for a guy who as for pet project a presentation tool, I will mostly display codes and probably really few slides 😉

David Dal Busco, founder of Fluter GmbH and creator of DeckDeckgo

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Ionic – Web Push Notifications and Open Mic

Thu 21. Feb 2019 , 19:00 - 21:00

Location: Colab

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