Ionic – Styling & Open Mic

This event was originally announced on by the group Ionic Zürich – use their site to join: Event Page


At this fourth Ionic Zürich Meetup of 2019, Yerbolat will talk about styling 😃

The second part of the event will be an open mic format, bring your best tips & tricks or questions with you.

But if you are interested to present and talk about a particular subject, that would be awesome too, don’t hesitate to ping me about it!

To infinity and beyond 🖖


🚀 Ionic styling

Ionic v4 components now make use of a Shadow DOM and therefore have isolated styles, which have to be styled though CSS4 variables and slots.

Yerbolat recently played again with Ionic and will talk about the styling issues he would have faced and how he solved them. As he has more experience using Material design, he will also share his experience from that point of view.

Yerbolat Tazhkeyev, young enthusiastic developer. Always eager to learn and grow.

Short-cut Infos

Ionic – Styling & Open Mic

Thu 18. Apr 2019 , 19:00 - 21:00

Location: Colab

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