Ionic – From Firebase to Firestore & Open Mic

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At this third Ionic Zürich Meetup of 2019, Sandro will share his experience of migrating a live project from Firebase to Firestore and Philipp will share some “quickies” about Ionic v4 to introduce the “open mic” part of the event 😃

To infinity and beyond 🖖


🚀 From Firebase to Firestore

I used Firestore in my private project and I would like to share some toughts about the architecutre of my project. With the release of Firestore this year I’m switching with an active and live project from firebase to firestore. I would like to present you some challenges I was facing with firebase & firestore and would like to discuss with you other options and ways to solve. Some topics we will see are: Authentication, API Key, Queries, Live Data, Offline Support, Migration, Delete Users…

I am a digital master, student and consultant currently living in Schaffhausen, Schweiz.
Actually, I am working on a civictech prototype to test the egovernment use case switzerland.
I love to transform innovative ideas into business value driven services and solutions using:
– Business Model Canvas & Lean Innovation
– modern web frameworks like Ionic
– Blockchain und Distributed-Ledger-Technologie
– latest technology and cloud services
– Business Suites like SAP

Please feel free to contact me


🚀 Quickies about Ionic v4

– Common pitfalls when building for iOS with Ionic 4
– – Playground for Ionic 4
– Usage of RxJS.Observable.forkjoin()
– How to move progress indicator to a service with RxJS

Philipp is Requirements Engineer at Credit Suisse. He codes (PHP, mySQL, Angular, Ionic) in his spare-time for fun and to keep up with trends in IT. Current project: a web-app to store, share and track promises

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Ionic – From Firebase to Firestore & Open Mic

Thu 21. Mar 2019 , 19:00 - 21:00

Location: Colab

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