Introduction to R with tidyverse

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You are curious to step into the field of datascience? Join us on the 10th of December to get a brief introduction to R with tidyverse framework. R is a programming language and a free programming environment for statistical computing and graphics. Tidyverse is a collection of R packages designed specifically for datascientists. In this session you will understand the tools to read, manipulate, clean, analyze and visualize datasets. The workshop shows via a case study the intuitive and easy-to-learn syntax of the “tidyverse” framework, popular among data scientists.

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Become familiar with R and its community (CRAN, Rstudio)
Import & manipulate data with tidyverse, a case study
Visualization of the data with ggplot2
Make a report out of your data with Rmarkdown
Your coach

This workshop will be provided by Francesca Vitalini, PhD. Francesca is a computational biophysicist by training, and for the past three years she has been working as a solutions consultant for Mirai Solutions GmbH. Her daily job consists in satisfying clients requirements via the design, development, validation and documentation of customised softwares. Francesca is also active in supporting women in technical fields, being one of the organisers of WiDS (Women in Data Science) Zurich 2019.

Thanks to Mirai Solutions for providing the lecturer.

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Introduction to R with tidyverse

Mon 10. Dec 2018 , 18:30 - 21:30

Location: Colab

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