Innovation Masterclass

In this 1 day training you will learn how innovation can be created by following a rigid process using the best innovation techniques.

1. About this training
Innovation is neither rocketscience nor an accident. Everyone can learn to follow a step by step guide towards finding creative solutions for any business problem. Creativity hereby can be forced by following simple rules and steps, eliminating usualy group dynamics and thinking blocks.

The process is based on newest methods used by Google and other leading companies to solve business critic questions. It is a best of Design Thinking, Agile, Strategy, Rapid prototyping and other proven frameworks.

We at DAY8 use and adapt this process to tackle nearly any business challenge. Be it a building a new strategy (general, brand, marketing, sustainable etc.), a strategic diversification , a growth plan and it can even tackle team collaboration challenges.

2. What you will learn
At the end of this training you will:

  • know about innovation and why it is needed
  • know how a process can help you tackle innovation challenges
  • be able to use our 8 most crucial innovation tools and know when to use them
  • be able to explain the methods and advantages to others
  • feel confident to run a first innovation workshop on your own

To learn more about facilitation skills, we run specific 1d facilitation trainings to make you an Innovation facilitator. (Innovation Masterclass certification). In our facilitation trainings we will talk about organizational and psychologic questions and about challenges regarding group behaviour and hurdles for each used tool.

3. Who should attend?
This training is for business professionals that want to learn about how to tackle innovation and change projects more efficient and creative.

It is also for teams that want to implement the new functionalities into their company or workmode.

Typical roles attending this training:

  • Innovation Manager
  • Strategy Expert
  • Business Developer
  • Creative Agency Owner or Staff (PR, Design etc.)
  • Team Leads
  • Product Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Startup Founders
  • Business Angels
  • UX/UI/CX/CD Designer
  • Developer
  • Agile Coach
  • Scrum Master
  • Creative minds like Marketeers etc.

4. Who runs the training?
The training will be lead by Raphael Ueberwasser and Fritz Seidel.We are the two founders of DAY8, an innovation advisory focussing on helping businesses to overcome hurdles when it comes to develop and implement change and innovation projects.After decades in corporate business and several years of experience in the startup sector, we both started to dig deeper into the best frameworks to succeed when it comes to building up things or changing existing ones. We saw too often that businesses fail when it comes to innovation projects – be it Startups or grown up Corporates. We are now here to help and give impulses to overcome those hurdles.

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