Creative Coding: How to get started

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Creative Coding

I’m a hybrid. I’m a designer and a coder. I design and build. That’s why I care about their interface.

As soon as you start thinking about them together, a generative process starts. It is playful and driven by a lot of positive contingency. It creates many different levels of a deliverable, and unique products will arise. An example: think of a simple postcard. It’s frame is always set – any type of material, mostly in shape of a rectangle but it might have as many different fronts as there are cities and beaches all over the world.

Of course, a playful approach is highly driven by using any hardware, sensors, and other user interfaces.

That is why many estimate a high onboarding hurdle. If you judge yourself as a designer, it soon gets technical, code-ish, and mathematical. It may feel complex and not approachable. If you think of yourself as a code person, a lot of us hesitate to apply any visual approach.

I try to reduce and take away your fear. There are smart and nifty tools that can help you create amazing results. They are low-level accessible, and usable without detailled knowledge of coding and/or visual designing skills.

I will give an overview and use simple examples to give you all a kick for taking the two together seriously.

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Creative Coding: How to get started

Tue 16. Apr 2019 , 18:30 - 20:30

Location: Colab

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