STRIDE | CoLead program Q&A (Online event)

Questions & Answers about our STRIDE CoLead program,

the unDiploma for Collaborative Leadership and Social innovation

We always struggle to make people understand what STRIDE is and what its core program CoLead is about.

Is it because of our “unschooling” methods, our transformative learning processes, our collaborative way of dealing with major challenges? Whatever is innovative, out of the box, “different”, can very likely raise doubts, questions, uncertainties.

Is the CoLead program something for you, right now? What does Collaborative Leadership mean? What are your expectations or your wishes? What is your “Yes, but…”?

The ones who really deeply understand us are our Alumni, who, for different reasons, think that the CoLead program has been a life-changing experience for them.

We invite you to talk online and share with us and them, to open up with questions and doubts, in a very simple and easygoing way.

Join us online, on March 24th!

Register for a ticket here and we will contact you via email with further instructions.

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STRIDE | CoLead program Q&A (Online event)

Tue 07. Apr 2020 , 17:45 - 18:45

Location: external


This event will happen ONLINE!