A better Mindful Tomorrow | Brown Bag Lunch

“For a better Mindful Tomorrow – Global Inequality”

Today, we live in extreme uncertainties, as global inequality, is one of the most visible aspects of broader and more complex issue, one that entails inequality of opportunity and extends to gender, ethnicity, classism, disability, age and education. While it is true that around the world economic growth picked up its pace, deep challenges remain, including underdevelopment, uneven wealth distribution, rigid social divisions, persistent unemployment, corruptive systems, violence and social conflicts. More economic inequality leads to more political inequality. More political inequality leads to rules of the game which amplify economic inequality and political inequality. That is why inequality of outcomes and inequality of opportunity are closely linked.
It is time that we educate developed nations to do business more ethically – enforcing governments to create frameworks that foster citizens to realize their right rights and moving towards independency. Do we have the courage to do it?
Christian Kurmann is a cosmopolitan entrepreneurial and visionary leadership thinker and a continuous learner with 20 years of senior hotel management and entrepreneurial experience in The Middle East, India, South East Asia, East – Central Africa and South Africa. With BONDING & BELONGING Leadership LLC, – he encourages and guides senior executives around the world and their organisations to question the basic narratives of current leadership and corporate culture to collaborate towards a mindful social movement, to foster and enrich a sustainable approach towards humanity.
He is also the founder of THE NEXT MINDFUL GENERATION, an international foundation to evolutionise entrepreneurship.
Please don’t forget to bring your Lunch aka brown Bag!

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A better Mindful Tomorrow | Brown Bag Lunch

Wed 10. May 2017 , 12:00 - 13:15

Location: Colab

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Anja Schärer, Community Builder, Tours & Presentation, Community Event Coordinator


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