Parents at Work – Employing parents in Startups

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When it comes to employing parents, what does that mean for start-up’s? What happens when your co-founder says she’s expecting a baby, or your partner says he needs more time with his family? Would you hire a mother to join your team, or a father for that matter?

What are your challenges, and how are you addressing these topics? How can you set healthy boundaries in such a fast-paced environment? And can you still talk openly with each other when the future of your team is at risk?

MAMAGORA would like to invite you to join us for a discussion, to exchange on what it means to employ parents in start-up’s, what your greatest challenges are, which solutions are working for you. We’d love to get the perspectives of both managers and employees. This is an opportunity for you to gain new insights, to learn from each other, and to ask us questions. At the same time it will provide us with the necessary input to design programs specifically for you.

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Sarah Meier, Entrepreneur / Consultant / Coach / Corporate Employee / Working mother focused on supporting working parents balance career with family. Specializing in implementing Peer Coaching program parents@work and culture change.

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Parents at Work – Employing parents in Startups

Mo 28. Okt 2019 , 18:30 - 20:30

Location: Colab, Community Salon