Startup Grind | Dorina Thiess from Piavita

Piavita is a Swiss-based medtech company bringing veterinary care into the 21st century. Today we’re a team of 35+ passionate employees from more than 12 countries who share the same vision: to develop and implement high-tech medical equipment to improve Veterinarians on day-to-day processes.

Piavita was founded in Switzerland by Sascha Bührle and Dr. Dorina Thiess. Today, they are a multidisciplinary team of engineers, veterinarians, innovation specialists, designers and most importantly, animal and people lovers. Sascha and Dorina observed a strong need for technical solutions in the veterinary industry to reduce waste of time and resources on repetitive and simple tasks. Two years later, over 200 vets in 80 clinics are using our first professional tool set: the Piavet System.

The veterinary industry is, despite its constant growth and remarkable size, stuck in the dark ages when it comes to diagnosing patients. Piavita is targeting on bringing the veterinary industry into the digitised connected age. With the embracing solution The Piavet System, we are supporting veterinarians in everyday routines.

All product parts were fully developed by the Piavita team and are produced in Switzerland. With a focus on the equine health industry, the Piavet System saves veterinarians hours of manual monitoring work every day, their service offers to meet the increasing demand level of their customers, and improve diagnosis possibilities.

Like every year, May is dedicated to female entrepreneurs! Dorina will share with us how is it to be a woman in business.



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Startup Grind | Dorina Thiess from Piavita

Di 21. Mai 2019 , 18:00

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