Flurin Capaul

About Me

Flurin is the Founder of Boonea AG, a software startup which boosts the B2B sales of corporation by unlocking their hidden networks and analyzing their relationships. Creating new insights in sales, supplier & account management with technology and AI. Boonea AG was founded by Flurin after 15 years in the tech and finance industry, where he worked in Singapore, New York and Zurich. In his spare time he enjoys dining out, football, jazz, history books, tv series and museums. He also loves to introduce people and get introduced to new people.  So if you talk to him he’ll happily buy you a coffee at Auer&Co at the Colab space when you mention the phrase “I actually read your bio on the Impact Hub Website”.

Sector of Work

Technology & Future


Boonea AG, http://www.boonea.com

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