Climathon Zurich 2016

The Climathon

–  A Climate-Hackathon to make your city cleaner and greener


Climathon is a global 24-hour Hackathon, which will take place simultaneously in more than 120 cities around the world on 28 October 2016.

The word “hack” is used to describe how multiple technologies can be used together in a new and innovative way, which is what we’ll be doing during the Climathon Zurich.

Here’s an invitation to shape the future of your city! Are you a developer, techie, entrepreneur, student or any other creative spirit? Then come together for 24 hours and create new solutions for local climate change problems with other like-minded people. Experts and mentors will support your team in your solution-finding process, and we have a small hardware makerZspace available for you to tinker. And, the cherry on top, after the Climathon your team can apply to pitch for access to the Climate-KIC Accelerator programme where you can win up to EUR 85’000.

We will provide a great atmosphere and a professional environment to let you prototype as effectively as possible. There will be 24h food & drinks, yoga, inspirational talks, tech support and some sleeping facilities (as if you need it…;)).


The City of Zurich will provide specific challenges related to local energy, food and climate change adaptation problems. These challenges will be published one after another on our website Climathon Zurich. Keep checking for more information.


The 24 hour hack will run from Friday, October 28 to Saturday, October 29 at Impact Hub Zurich, Sihlquai 131, Zurich.

During Friday evening we will offer several workshops about coding, design, hardware and business models.



4:00 pm – Opening Remarks & Challenges explained
5:00 pm – Hackathon Begins
7:30 pm – Dinner


8:00 am – Breakfast
12:00 pm – Lunch
5:00 pm – Hackathon Ends; Hands Down!
5:15 pm – Presentations & Demos
7:00 pm – Judging Ceremony


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Climathon Zurich 2016

Fri 28. Oct 2016 , 15:30

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