A Meaningful Career | What are your options?

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

Are you looking for a meaningful job? This urge combined with a need for innovation and positiv impact leads us directly to concrete career options. 

Our goal is to present you the paths for a job with meaning as social entrepreneurship & social intrapreneurship. Additionally you can connect with a network of peers who have similar questions. Why?

For more and more talented professionals who are predestined for a what-used-to-be stellar career, earning money and rising up the career ladder is not enough anymore. They are looking to change something in the world through their job: a career with purpose. This does not mean that money is not important. On the contrary, we all want to take care of our families and be able to enjoy the opportunities of our time. However, it should be possible to combine the different factors that makes us happy, shouldn’t it?

It turns out to be difficult for professionals to access opportunities to combine money and meaning. Are you one of those? Then this event is for you.

Join us for an evening session with:

MMU_MeaningfulCareer_Foto_JoannaHafenmayer_20151012„The Supporter“ Joanna Hafenmayer, Founder of MyImpact

Joanna used to have a corporate career and is now following her passion: supporting people to find their meaningful career.

MMU_MeaningfulCareer_Foto_NielsRot_20151012„The Enabler“ Niels Rot, Co-founder of Impact Hub Zürich and STRIDE (to come):

Niels loves initiating meaningful projects and companies. He is currently co-founding STRIDE, an alternative MBA to reinvent yur career.


MMU_MeaningfulCareer_Foto_NickBlake_20151012 „The Social Entrepreneur“ Nick Blake, Founder of ImagineCargo

Nick worked 15+ years in large corporations before making the jump and starting his own social venture ImagineCargo


MMU_MeaningfulCareer_Foto_LauraHemrika_20151012„The Social Intrapreneur“ Laura Hemrika, Global Head of Corporate Citizenship & Foundations, Credit Suisse: 

A successful social intrapreneur shares first-hand experiences about microfinance and impact investing.


The world is changing fast and new opportunities keep emerging to make a difference and to find your own path. Welcome to the journey…


Presented by Impact Hub Zürich and MyImpact: 

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This infographic bellow might help you understand the differences between social entrepreneurs and social intrapreneurs:


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A Meaningful Career | What are your options?

Di 10. Mai 2016 , 18:00 - 20:30

Location: Viadukt