Natalia Nowika

About Me

Natalia Nowicka , born in Warszawa, since 2000 in Switzerland, studied philosophy and economics, worked for international companies, backpacked South-East Asia for seven months, worked again and realized that the way we do business and work needs to change. She found the Kaospilots and did the three-year fulltime education with them. Her interests are how do we work together, how can we make sustainable business, but also the connection between people and between a person and themselves. She is working on new ways of doing business, how to make teams fly through awesome leadership and on individual level as a coach and Council Guide Trainer. She facilitates the Meetup on Responsive Organisation in Bern and organises a regular workshop on how the future of the work world should look like and just opened her consulting company.

Sector of Work

Civic participation, Education & Coaching, Health & Wellbeing


Natalia Nowicka Process Consultation and Coaching

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