Startup Stammtisch with Google


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Startup Stammtisch brings together members of the startup community with Googlers for an evening of exchange and discussion. Each event focuses on a topic where we think that startups could benefit from Googlers’ experience in applying cutting edge technology and methods to global scale problems. Topics range anywhere from machine learning or user-centric product design to leading global teams.

The event includes pre-scheduled 45 minute 1:1 mentoring sessions as well as plenty of opportunities for discussion over food and drinks with those not involved in a session at the time. This format maximises chances of useful conversations, while making sure that you get focused feedback on a specific topic.

Google began as a startup in a garage and has remained a startup at heart. Many Googlers have an entrepreneurial background, remain committed to supporting entrepreneurship all over the world, and believe that, with the right support, small ideas can grow into world-changing businesses and organizations.

One of the advantages of working in a big company like Google is to have easy access to a deep roster of specialists who are willing to share their expertise in many ways, from lunch meetings to drop-in office hours. The goal of this event is to provide similar benefits to people working in a startup, where everybody often needs to wear many hats. Particularly when in a mode of “learning by doing”, a few minutes with an expert can make a big difference and we can benefit from an opportunity to bounce off ideas, get a second opinion or get some pointers in which direction to look for solutions.

Please use the signup link under Upcoming Sessions to submit questions, problems and challenges that you would like to discuss with mentors for each event.


Previous sessions at the IHZ:

September 5th, 2018: Various topics

Get a a 1:1 mentoring with a specialist in the areas Machine Learning,User Experience and Design, Large Scale Software Engineering, Cyber Security, Managing Services in the Cloud, and Team Culture

April 18th, 2018: Managing services in the cloud

Learn from the Google Site Reliability Engineering team how to operate your services and compute infrastructure in a scalable and reliable way, whether it is in the cloud or on premises.

October 4, 2017: User Experience

Meet with members of the Google user experience design and research teams (UX) to discuss how you can integrate user-centric design into your product development process. Learn how focusing on the user can lead to products, which are easy, delightful and meaningful to use.

November 1, 2017: Halloween Edition – Security

Meet with members of Google Security & Privacy team to discuss how you can build security into your product and company: improving the product design, securing the development process, and better protecting your company from the bad guys.

March 22, 2017: Machine Learning

Google engineers with machine learning expertise as well as representatives from Google Research Europe will be present to answer questions on how to apply machine learning methods to real-life problems: from how to choose the right tools and models for your problems to the infrastructure for training and evaluating models.

November 11, 2016: Teams

A diverse panel of Google experts including recruiting, HR as well as experienced hiring managers and team leads from various parts of the business will be available to talk about recruiting, benefits, retention, career-growth, L/W balance team dynamics, etc.