U.Lab 2x: From Prototype to Eco-System Impact

Are you ready to embrace the paradigm shift for a healthier planet? Do you want to learn how to implement your ideas for a deep transformation in a complex and dynamic world? Join the U.Lab 2x prototype and become part of a learning group that explores Theory U and its techniques, shares experiences and learns a new practice to transform business, society and self.


What is Theory U?
We live in an age of profound disruption. A moment in time where something is ending and dying and something else wants to be born. What is ending is a civilization of maximum me, of bigger is better and of organized irresponsibility. What wants to come into the world is less clear. It’s a future that requires each of us to connect to a deeper level of our humanity, to discover who we really are and how we want to live together as a society. How can we learn from the future and not repeat the mistakes of the past? How can we build the capacity to sense and actualize a future that we feel is possible, but isn’t quite here yet? This question is at the very heart of Theory U. It proposes that the quality of the results that we create in any kind of social system is a function of the quality of awareness, or consciousness that the participants in the system operate from. Theory U proposes therefore that societal change requires an inner shift first. A shift that expands our thinking from the head to the heart and deepens our awareness from ego-system to eco-system.


Who is it for and what do you learn?
This course is made for change makers, coaches and people who want to: 

  • get a deeper understanding of system change and societal change
  • learn new ways of making a profound impact on our society
  • learn how to develop a deeper sensing and see themselves, their projects and ideas as part of an eco-system in a complex and dynamic world through the Theory-U method
  • be part of a learning group to share experiences and learn a variety of new practices
  • work on a business case/prototype to practice the new learnings


How does it work?
From February until June 2020, we will go through the Theory U process and will apply the learnings on a concrete business case. Every second meeting there will be the opportunity to practice the different methods of Theory U in the group. In these practice rounds there will also be space for you to bring in your own project or idea. 


You have three to four hours every two weeks to meet and reflect with our team. Also, you are ready to invest two hours per week for individual learning, reading and research. Prior knowledge in coaching, social transformation, agile processes, sustainable living and Theory U is of benefit but not mandatory. If you have time, try to read The Essentials of Theory U (2018) before starting the journey. 


The business case:
We will work on a specific business case called “The Gipfelstürmer Programm (GiP)“. The GiP aims to create the living spaces of the future. In several workshops with various contents and practical inputs, the GiP aims to train residents and other stakeholders in Swiss municipalities in sustainable lifestyles. Moreover, the GiP aspires to motivate them to rebuild their society and develop local solutions for a healthy future. The GiP is brand new and a pilot will be tried for the first time this year. Learn and practice Theory U based on this business case and co-sense the future with us.

Workshop hosts:
Simon Gisler: Background in economics, trained in community building, catalyst of collaboratio helvetica and founder of the Gipfelstürmer Programm.

Fabienne Debrunner: Background in economics and sustainable development, work experience in social Innovation, passionate about sustainable lifestyles and animal wellfare.

Alexandra Choutko: Background in Agile Project Management, active in women empowerment, leadership and passionate about societal change.

February 20, 16.30 – 20:30 | Co-Initiating Basics

March 12, 16.30 – 20:30 | Practice Round

March 26, 16.30  – 20:30 | Co-Sensing

April 9, 16.30  – 20:30 | Practice Round

April 30, 16.30 – 20:30 | Presencing

May 14, 16.30 – 20:30 | Practice Round

June 4, 16.30  – 20:30 | Prototyping


The community of Practice is limited to 10 participants. The deadline for the registration is the 16th February 2020.
After you have received a confirmation, we will send you a link for a payed ticket. 

Regular participant: CHF 95.-
For IHZ Members: CHF 65.-

Please apply here!

This program is organized by futurecamp.ch in collaboration with Impact Hub Zürich.


16. February 2020