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Summerpreneurship brings impact-driven startups together with talented students for a summer internship. The program is taking place in Zürich and Geneva – head over here for the Geneva edition.

Through Summerpreneurship, entrepreneurs like you will get valuable support to drive their ventures. At the same time, the program offers a lean and effective HR training about the essentials of hiring from a startup perspective. Scoping, screening, interviewing and legal aspects are just some of the topics covered. Furthermore, your interns get support to get a unique experience of the startup world. An innovative education program, the Summerpreneurship Academy especially created for the needs of students, complements the internship over summer.

Application 2017 over

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«Thanks to Summerpreneurship we found Pere, a highly motivated and skilled student, who took responsibility and helped us grow. He behaved like a real entrepreneur! Plus, the integrated HR training taught us a lot about successful recruitment, enabling us to put it immediately into practice.»

-  Tom Strobl, Wildbiene und Partner


Access to Talent

Find an Intern

Get access to a large pool of pre-selected talented students and find a top-notch intern.

HR Training

HR Training

Develop relevant recruiting skills with experts and put into practice what you learn.



Get navigated through the hiring process. Plus, the search and the pre-selection will be done by us.



Access to the networks of Impact Hub Zürich and open yourself to unexpected opportunities.

Inspiring Network


Get broadcasted and gain visibility for your startup through our program channels.


Jan 20 - Feb 19
Application open for startups to join the program
Feb 20 - Apr 30
Matching between selected startups and students
June - Aug
Internship taking place in combination with the Academy for students


You are an impact-driven startup and looking for young talents as summer interns? You are interested in giving interns responsibility from the start, integrate them into core management processes and dedicate enough time for a close mentoring? Then go through the following steps:

Step 1: Check if you meet the participation criteria

  • impact-driven / purpose-driven
  • must be less than 5 years incorporated
  • operating in Switzerland
  • ice cream lover! (not really, just joking around)

Step 2: Read carefully through the InfoBooklet of 2017.

Step 3: Write your job offer for the internship (download template).

Step 4: Apply, latest February 19, midnight, 2017 (incl. job offer) and get informed if you are selected by end of February. 

  • IMPORTANT: Spots in the program are limited, so hand in your application on time! If selected, please save the dates from the InfoBooklet above.


Participation Fee: CHF 275* (incl. VAT) per startup

  • incl. the #1 HR training workshop ‘Recruiting & Job Interviewing’ in collaboration with IBM
  • incl. the #2 HR training workshop ‘Legal aspects of hiring’ with Eric Kuenzi & Stefan Bercx

Matching Fee : CHF 550* (incl. VAT) per successful match

  • this fee only applies if an intern is found of course
  • incl. 3 month Impact Hub Nomad membership for your student during the summer internship
  • incl. the Academy Kick-off and Wrap-up events which additionally contains support/training for the participating entrepreneurs, relevant for this hiring experience
  • incl. the Summerpreneurship Academy for your intern. The Academy complements and facilitates the students’ experience of the startup world. One day per week the students join the so-called “HUBday” (June – Aug) where different formats convey entrepreneurial, innovative and impact-oriented thinking

*DISCOUNT: Impact Hub Zürich member (- 100 CHF) 

NOTE: It’s possible to send your intern to the Academy, even if you haven’t found your intern through Summerpreneurship (if there are still open spots). Given that your startup fulfills the participation requirements, get in touch with the program manager, if you are interested.


Summerpreneurship has been created and organized by Impact Hub Zürich since 2013; 2017 will be the 5th edition. Since three editions Impact Hub Geneva is organizing the program in their city and focusing on the french-speaking part of Switzerland.

This year, we are partnering here in Zurich with the ETH Zurich and the ZHdK and thanks as well to the support of our long-term partner the Emil & Rosa Richterich-Beck foundation, we are able to conduct Summerpreneurship in 2017. Our collaboration with the ETH Entrepreneurs Club enforces the connection with students and startups of the ETH.

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In case you have questions about participating in the Summerpreneurship program, get in touch with Prisca or Annina – you have the choice;-).

Annina Menzi

Annina is Startup Program Manager & Entrepreneurial Career Lead at Impact Hub Zürich. After having spend time in fields as sociology,...

Prisca Müller

We spend about a fourth of our lifetime working, we should enjoy this time about as much as the rest of our life. After founding her own Startup...

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