Climathon 2019

The Climathon Zürich 2019 took place on October 25 and 26, 2019. The 24-hour hackathon is supported by the city of Zürich and will cover the three main areas of urban farming, urban heat islands and citizen’s activation to combat climate change.

The Climathon hackathon is taking place in more than 110 cities all over the world. All events are dedicated to creating climate action in the form of tangible projects, supporting climate positive ideas, startups and businesses, and addressing local policy changes. Besides Zürich, Impact Hub is also organizing Climathons in Basel, Geneva, and Lausanne.


Applicants in Zürich can apply for the following four challenges:

How might we activate Zürich’s citizens to be part of the solution? How can we create a restful, edible city and take care of it as a self-organized community? How can urban heat islands be prevented in Zürich? Help Zürich achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030

Winner of the first challenge: How can the population be encouraged to make a contribution to climate protection?

The “closeBy” team’s campaign is intended to use pictures to draw consumers’ attention to the fact that you don’t have to fly far away to visit beautiful landscapes and places. Two very similar pictures, one from Switzerland and one from overseas, will be placed next to each other. The campaign can then be applied together with the following guiding principle: “Why go far away if everything is closeBy”.
The “Collective” team wants to improve the world through a buddy system. An app should help individuals to establish more climate-friendly habits. In this process you can get help from your “buddy”, someone who is already familiar with the topic.
ZIG” is an idea that many festival visitors have been waiting for. This analysis tool for events shows how organisers deal with climate-damaging aspects such as food waste or waste.
The “Awarebear” app, will be the environmental tracker of tomorrow. Through gamificiation and the possibility to share its results with friends, people can playfully draw attention to the environmental impact of their trade and support climate-friendly decision-making.

Winner of Challenge 2: What will Zurich look like as a CO2-neutral city in 2030?
The “Phoenxt” team wants to produce automated containers that sort textiles by fibres for recycling. They want to separate natural fibres and plastics and thus save emissions for the cultivation of new fibres.
SwitchUp” wants oil heating systems from the city of Zurich to be different. The costs for this are to be borne mainly by existing CO2 compensation websites.

Winner of Challenge 3: How can urban heat islands be prevented in Zurich?
Under the funny name “Mossome” the team ran that wants to make our city greener and cooler with the help of moss. They want to develop a non-toxic paste that can be applied to walls, which then turns into a moss wall.
Urban Oasis” is the name of the project that proposes modular miniparks to be used in various urban spaces (courtyards, car parks, sidewalks). The parks should be low-maintenance, promote community involvement and, of course, provide a better climate.

Winner of Challenge 4: How can the vision of an edible city in Zurich be realised?
Edible roofs” proposes to use the flat roofs of Zurich, which cover an area of 5 square kilometres, as a space for the cultivation of food. To this end, an online platform is to be created on which people can rent land on public roofs throughout the city.


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