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Overcoming the transformational barriers

“We need implementation, implementation, implementation – although not necessarily in that order”

Angel Gurrìa, Secretary General of the OECD

Join us and contribute to creating truly scalable solutions to climate change!

Impact Hub Zürich and Climate-KIC offer a deep learning program this autumn on scalable solutions to slow down and enhance our capabilities to adapt to climate change. Four different themes related to climate change (see below) are starting points for a 3-month ideation process based on the innovative STRIDE methodology: a transformative blend of project and personal development aspects.


13. October 2016

on-site workshops:

Nov 25-26 IDEATION

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Urban Transition

Integrated, interoperable, scalable and replicable systemic solutions to develop the carbon-negative, responsive, resilient cities of the future.

Sustainable Production Systems

Low-carbon value chains based on a circular economy and bio-economy as future foundation of Europe’s industry.

Decision Metrics & Finance

Decision-makers, investors, and high-carbon consumers being confident and committed to climate action, unlocking financial capital and driving the climate-relevant economy.

Sustainable Land Use

Enhanced capacity of land in its function to mitigate and adapt to climate change through innovative tools and systems that articulate new value chains and contribute to green growth.



The Climate Solutions Ideator has been designed for those who are looking for comprehensive solutions to mitigate and adapt to climate change, and want to take and support action themselves. We are looking for participants interested in approaches going beyond the individual to focus on collectives (teams, tribes, networks, communities and movements) when addressing challenges at a larger scale. You can come with a specific idea, but this is not mandatory. Your readiness for deep learning and openness to reflections is a prerequisite to participate. This also means that should you already have a specific idea, we ask you for an openness to revisit and further develop your idea.



After the 3-months ideation program (with 5 days of on-site presence and an estimated additional 5 days pre- and post-work), you will have: 

  • … reflected deeply on your purpose and ability to contribute to addressing the grand societal challenges related to climate change;
  • … understood the basic underlying mechanisms, stakeholders & networks concerning the aforementioned four themes of climate change;
  • … experienced startup ideation, including the (self-)leadership needed to be thriving as an entrepreneur within collaborative practices;
  • … established a strong connection to people with a similar passion (e.g. your future teammates);
  • … developed a professional toolkit for research and ideation processes adaptable to other cases;
  • … enhanced your pitching and storytelling skills;
  • … devised a scalable business model or project idea ready for implementation to mitigate or adapt to climate change that you might turn into an entre- or intrapreneurial venture (i.e. your future job?);
  • … gained a unique opportunity to develop your solutions into full proposals for Climate-KIC and win funding;
  • … acquired an unCertificate in Climate Ideation


The Climate Solutions Ideator is a thoughtfully curated mix of input presentations, short break-out sessions, case-studies and intense group work sessions. Participants are invited to experience deep learning through the application of the STRIDE learning methodology: powerfully and imaginatively combining project and personal development along the unschooling formula of ”make. learning. work.” 

The starting point for the program is Climate KIC’s four themes of climate change, which will be explored to gain a deeper understanding. During the course of three months, a range of tools for research, ideation and lean startup methodology will be covered in order to find a scalable solution.


Apply online with a short motivation about why you want to attend this program and why you feel you could contribute to developing scalable solutions. APPLICATION DEADLINE: October 9.




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What if I cannot make it to one of the above sessions? Can I still participate?

All sessions are mandatory and unfortunately we cannot accept you into the program if you cannot participate in all sessions. 

Generally, interested but…

We’d love to have your input here.


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