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Designing for Environmental Sustainability and Social Impact

 Form part of a Community of Practice!


Are you looking to embrace the paradigm shift for a healthier planet?

Do you want to learn how to integrate the triple bottom line – people, planet, profit – into your core business, or design a new social enterprise based on environmental sustainability and social impact?

Do you wish to form part of a learning group to share experiences, progress and tackle this societal challenge together?

Join DESSI-CoP: our Community of Practice around Designing for Environmental Sustainability and Social Impact!

The Community of Practice is limited to 20 participants, selected on a first come, first served basis. The final deadline to register was October 7th. Priority will be given to learners who can attend all in-person workshops.



What is DESSI-CoP?

In partnership with +Acumen, the world’s school for social change, we are offering a 7-week blended learning course comprising:

  • 5 online modules
  • 7 in-person workshops, designed and facilitated to strengthen the learning experience and apply the concepts in practice. In addition to the workshops linked to each module, this includes one Kick-Off Session and one Debrief/Celebration Session


The modules will introduce you to the key mindsets and methods for strategically approaching environmental sustainability and social impact. The Community of Practice (learning group) will enable you to solidify acquired knowledge through peer-to-peer exchange. Read the full course description here.



The CoP has two components: the online modules and the in-person workshops. The online modules are followed autonomously in your own time. The in-person workshops will take place every Monday evening from 18:00 to 20:00 for the duration of the course:


Tuesday, October 15

  • Global Kick-Off: Meet your peers!
    Monday, October 14 
  • Workshop Module 1: The link between poverty and the environment
    Monday, October 21
  • Workshop Module 2: Mapping the socio-ecological system
    Monday, October 28
  • Workshop Module 3: Circular economy
    Monday, November 4
  • Workshop Module 4: Behaviour change for environmental conservation
    Monday, November 11
  • Workshop Module 5: Natural capital and making the business case for environmental conservation
    Monday, November 18
  • Debriefing and Celebration session!
    Monday, November 25


Tuesday, November 26


For whom?

This course is directed at social entrepreneurs, conservation entrepreneurs, corporate intrapreneurs, or any other person wishing to better understand, communicate or incorporate environmental sustainability and social impact to their core activity. It is also an opportunity for career-shifters to redefine their orientation and discern their niche within the increasingly relevant field of sustainability. Most importantly, this course provides a framework for designing your own social or environmental enterprise. So no matter what you’re profile is, if you’re looking to bring sustainable solutions to the world, this course can help you.


Benefits to you:

As a result of participating in the DESSI-CoP you will:

  • Design a social enterprise, fictive or real, that responds to a local environmental challenge
  • Equip yourself with the mindset and methods needed to approach environmental sustainability and social impact, applicable to your organisation and personal or professional projects
  • Develop and be part of a community of peers for an enhanced learning experience, building lasting relationships with local changemakers
  • Get access to meeting space and resources to develop your ideas beyond the course




NON-MEMBERS: CHF 135 (Includes a Starter Membership at 50% off for the duration of the course)


Becoming a Starter member gives you privileged access to our collaborative workspace, cutting-edge events and a vibrant local & global Impact Hub community. More specifically: 

  • A hosted and well-equipped meetup space to make sense of & practice the learning material, and support your journey.
  • A connection to people in our impact ecosystem through our Community App – entrepreneurs, changemakers and regional and international stakeholders – who are working to create a world that works for all.


The Community of Practice is limited to 20 participants, selected on a first come, first served basis. The final deadline to register was October 7. Priority will be given to learners who can attend all in-person workshops.


IMPORTANT: By completing and submitting this form, you are expressing your interest to be part of DESSI-Cop, our Community of Practice for the course titled Designing for Environmental Sustainability and Social Impact, delivered by our partner +Acumen. We will contact you regarding the next steps for enrollment in this course.