We are a Community of Creators

What is our mission?


We believe that the world’s greatest challenges will never be solved by one person or organization alone. We need to work together. That’s why we set out to create a thriving innovation ecosystem where people collaborate across organizations, cultures and generations to solve the grand challenges of our time.

100% possible. Together.


We have condensed our vision for the world, our mission therein and our values & principles into the “Co-Manifesto”, a document that has taken a lot of team and community effort to create. We have documented our journey to the Co-Manifesto in this blogpost, as well as the final result and it’s role in another blogpost here.


Read more on how these principles are lived out by us as a team (here, here and here) and by our community (Sorry, German only!):

“Start with Why: Von der Lust, die Welt nachhaltig umzukrempeln”

“No Hidden Agenda: Wieviel Transparenz darf’s denn sein?”

“Me, Us, All of Us: Die Community macht von Zürich bis Phnom Penh den Unterschied”

“Failing Forward: Hinfallen, Aufstehen, Krone richten und weitergehen”

“100% Human: Arbeiten ohne Türen und Job-Erfinden im Park”

“Truly Regenerative im Arbeitsalltag? So geht das.”



For more info on our impact, please check out our previous Impact Reports below:

Where we come from


Every organization grows from a multitude of decisions, failings, achievements. And these are ours:



Read more about our most current development in the organization (becoming a hybrid organization) in Christoph’s blogpost about our mission to serve the #communityfirst (Sorry, German only!).


Global Network

We are part of a global network that connects more than 16’000 entrepreneurs, creatives and techies into a collaborative ecosystem across 100+ Impact Hubs.  Join the collaborative movement!