STRIDE | The «Passage» – Module NATURE



with Ruth Förster (Transition Companion for STRIDE & dr. ruth förster * beratung & training ) & Anaïs Sägesser (Co-Founder of STRIDE).

Are you seeking a more meaningful career and life but are unsure how your journey would go? Would you like to re-connect to your vision and resources and gain more clarity in taking the next concrete steps?

If you said “yes” to any of the above questions, The «Passage» NATURE module is for you. This deep immersion in nature is a powerful way to open to new experiences and insights leaving every day’s business behind. Intensive and creative encounters with yourself and nature support you to:

  • Listen: For what burns my fire? What are my gifts to offer the world? What do I want to leave behind? What do I want to welcome?

  • Re-connect deeply with (your) nature, find guidance & renewed energies for your professional and life pathway.

Based on your status quo, we follow these phases:

  • Preparation: setting a focus and preparing the time-out.

  • Time-out: 24h solo in nature, equipped only with the essentials: a sleeping bag and pad, while fasting with just water.

  • Return & integration: reflecting on your experiences and insights, planning the next concrete steps in order to integrate these and to practice new ways of being.

STRIDE’s experienced transition companions, Ruth and Anaïs will guide you and hold a safe space for your journey. Trustful companionship with your peers will support and inspire you on your pathway.

After STRIDE – The «Passage» – Module Nature you will:

  • have more clarity about your wishes, goals and possibilities for a meaningful career and life.

  • connect with your vision, resources & creativity, releasing (new) energies.

  • take concrete steps towards your meaningful career and life.

  • understand and improve your very own way of transitioning.

  • apply new and effective tools and practices that will support you to succeed on your meaningful career and life pathway e.g. for connecting, visioning, exploring options or decision making.

Give yourself time to engender ideal conditions for this personal journey and join The «Passage» NATURE module now.

Any questions? Is The «Passage» NATURE module right for you?
Ruth will be happy to assist you. Feel free to contact her.

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Payment / Registration

Registration Deadline: 22 July 2020

Participation: You need to have attended at least one STRIDE CAREER COMPASS session or a private coaching session with Ruth, or The «Passage» – Module TOWN, before participating in the Module NATURE. You need to be fit for outdoor-activities & solitude.

Registration fee: 100 CHF (non-refundable).

By registering you will receive an email with further info, a comprehensive personal information & liability form (that we kindly ask you to fill in) and applicable prices, as follow, for you to choose from.

Prices (incl. 100 CHF registration fee):

  • Regular: 1’700 CHF

  • Reduced: 1’530 / 1’250 CHF (these reflect our commitment to make this offer available also to those on smaller budgets)

  • Special (for STRIDE CoLead Alumni & Stride Association members): 1’125 CHF

Please find details about the services included in The «Passage» Brochure – Module NATURE here.


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STRIDE | The «Passage» – Module NATURE

Sun 16. Aug 2020 ,

Location: external


This event will start on Aug 16 and end on Aug 20. It will take place in the Swiss Mountains, in the powerful Ruinalta region