STRIDE Lab | Brand Storytelling (third edition)

A STRIDE Learning Lab on unleashing storytelling to build a brand that works.

”Marketing is no longer about the product you build, but the story you tell”

– Seth Godin

How do you develop a “brand story” that can motivate people to follow the action you want them to take? Storytelling is often praised as the ultimate marketing tool. Whether it is to advertise a product, motivate your employees or rally people behind a common cause. But what is a “brand story” exactly, how do you develop a great one and to implement it? In this STRIDE Lab we will develop a deep understanding of the role of branding for your business or  social innovation project, and develop your own brand story using the Brand Story Canvas, developed by Creative Supply.



You will be rewarded with a professional certificate for the Lab, the “STRIDE unCertificate of Completion”, if you attend the 1.5 days workshop and successfully complete the transfer-tasks before and after the workshop (additional ca. 18h time investment) that will ensure deep learning and application in your context.


“The Brand Storytelling Lab completely changed my perspective on how marketing works. I can’t wait to implement the learnings in my business life.”

“I loved the examples shown by Youri. The white candle exercise and his approach of working step-by-step on each point for our own projects reallyimpressed me. During the Lab, I didn’t notice time passing by so fast and at the end of the Lab, I felt energized and refreshed.”

“The workshop exceeded my expectations regarding content and participants. The trainer was extremely approachable in terms of questions and feedback, and the level of organization and planning was impressive.”

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STRIDE Lab | Brand Storytelling (third edition)

Fri 23. Aug 2019 , 17:00 - 21:00

Location: Colab

Please note this is a 1.5-day seminar starting on Aug 23 at 5pm continuing on Aug 24 all day.

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