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with Björn Müller who radiates that learning and change are happening on the fringe, in-between and across disciplines, people and things. Passionate about the impact of education and alternative ways of value creation (aka “business”), he co-founded STRIDE as well as BEAMagency, a “dream tank” and growing community of transdisciplinary thinkers.

and with Dominik Mösching who dedicates his passion for generating participative change. For Dominik, education is about creating frictions: Fostering curious dialogue between ways of knowing unleashes transformative energy. Dominik acts as Deputy Director of Staatslabor

How can (y)our innovation efforts support the transformation of complex systems for a sustainable and equitable future? The societal challenges we face today ask for social innovation in different contexts: transforming the ways we eat, work, do business, travel, etc. This lab will allow you to explore unique research-based & practice-proven frameworks on how and when to apply the major innovation & change approaches. In this Lab, we focus on social innovation and how to enable the change and impact we want to see in the world.

After the Lab, you will be able to:

  • Understand the idea and the key elements of practice theory
  • Apply practice theory to your change initiatives in training and education, awareness raising and campaigning, people empowering, products and services designing or organizational change
  • Explore various theories of change based on their basic assumptions and evaluate their potential impact and practical implications
  • Design an experimental innovation plan in order to test your change hypotheses and refine your impact
  • Change (y)our tomorrow by co-creating impactful social innovations in your field

STRIDE UnCertificate

Attending the workshop and fully completing the lab’s pre and post assignments (extra 18H), you will ensure your deep learning and best application in your context. You will also be rewarded with a professional certificate – the “STRIDE unCertificate of Completion”.

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STRIDE Lab | Social Innovation

Fri 13. Sep 2019 , 17:00 - 21:00

Location: Colab, Loft Corner

Please note this is a 1.5-day seminar starting on September 13 at 5pm continuing on September 14 all day.

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STRIDE Lab | Social Innovation