Skill Share Breakfast – LinkedIn: building a B2B client base

LinkedIn is the dominating platform to connect and interact with businesses and professionals worldwide. Whether you’re a startup, an entrepreneur or an employee, with the right approach you can build a strong B2B client base and nurture your venture.

What we will be working on

There are no gimmicks or secret tricks, but with a solid concept and a bit of discipline you can build your brand and client base. In this Skill Share breakfast our own Impact Hub board member Flurin Capaul will show us how to promote your business properly on LinkedIn.

About the expert:

While building his startup Flurin used LinkedIn extensively to secure client meetings and build their company’s lead & prospect funnel. Based on his experience he co-authored the book “Let’s Link” and he will share the key lessons with the Hub community.


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Skill Share Breakfast – LinkedIn: building a B2B client base

Tue 03. Dec 2019 , 08:30 - 10:00

Location: Colab, Loft Corner

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