Resonate with your Inner Values: MQ Learning

Roy Disney said, “It is not difficult to make decisions when you know what your values are!”. Our values, whether we get it from family and culture, or we cultivate based on education, friendships and profession, are deeply ingrained in us, and are mostly intuitive. We, consciously or unconsciously, use them to make decisions and feel upset when they are stepped on. If we can develop a cognizant relationship with our internal values, we can find what makes us happy or accomplished.

Join us for a self-reflection workshop to connect with our individual inner values and to learn the ways harness their potential in our daily private and professional lives.

This awareness of our values (being) to aligned behaviour and decision making (doing), help us to achieve our desired results (having).

With this event, we will also formally launch MQ Learning, which provides creative and embodied trainings incorporating the elements of logic, relations, and inner values, to ensure deep internal resonance, and pratical external applicability.

This event takes place at the Community Salon of Colab.

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MQ Learning is a result of personal quest of Deepak, who stands at the the intersection of Technology (MTech – India), Business (MBA, HSG Switzerland), and Humanity (MA, Philosophy California). With 15+ years in business world, focus in strategy consulting & business transformation (Director, COO level), and certification in life coaching (CPCC, ACC), his trainings combines logic, relations, and values, for a holistic becoming.


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Resonate with your Inner Values: MQ Learning

Mon 22. Jul 2019 , 18:30 - 21:00

Location: Colab