STRIDE | Program-in-a-box | Collaborative Leadership

How to create direction, alignment and commitment in self-organized and entrepreneurial work

Join this 4-hour intensive and energizing workshop to learn about collaborative leadership as a key practice within self-organized and entrepreneurial work settings while getting a taste of STRIDE’s learning culture. This workshop serves as a unique opportunity to meet other inspiring people and exchange experiences, ideas and strategic approaches. You will learn about new best practices inside-out and take away applicable principles of how to create direction, alignment and commitment in collaborative contexts.

As a “”program-in-a-box””, the workshop is also a sneak-peak into STRIDE’s Co-Lead (8-month incubator on social innovation for societal transformation), and an entry into our learning revolution. Following STRIDE’s interactive unSchooling approach, you will start to sense the world of possibilities on how to lead profound social and personal change. At STRIDE, learning is happening within a group of inspiring people. To get to know us, this workshop is run by our program coaches and founders.

As part of the workshop, a crowd-sourced community dinner will give extra opportunity to talk to our faculty. Please note that this is a value-packed workshop on a donation basis. It is all about paying what you think it was worth. As we put a lot of time and love into sharing our approach and substantial know-how, we suggest a donation of 80 CHF per Program-in-a-box.


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STRIDE | Program-in-a-box | Collaborative Leadership

Thu 20. Dec 2018 , 18:00 - 22:00

Location: Colab

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