MyData SwissID Hands-on Workshop

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SwissID Workshop (in German)

This workshop is a practical hands-on exercise in a MyData workshop series to get to know your personal data. The purpose of these hands-on workshops is to make you aware where your personal data is stored in various systems, and how you can handle your data privacy and ownership settings.

As Switzerland is in the process of getting its electronic identity (E-ID), most citizens are only partially aware of what this means for them and how to handle this new E-ID.

As a technical implementation, SwissID (provided by SwissSign), is available today, and the number of use cases is growing.

In this workshop, SwissSign CEO Markus Naef provides a short introduction to SwissID, guides you through the setup of your personal SwissID electronic identity and its associated data, and provides an outlook about upcoming developments and use cases.

The workshop will be held in German. To create your personal SwissID identity, please bring along your own device (mobile, tablet or notebook).

After the workshop, SwissSign invites the participants to discussions and drinks.

About Markus Naef

Markus Naef holds a degree in economics and law from the University of St. Gallen. He went through numerous positions in the telecommunications and entertainment sectors before he joined SwissSign as a board member and CEO.

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MyData SwissID Hands-on Workshop

Thu 24. Oct 2019 , 18:00 - 20:00

Location: Colab

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