MQ Learning: Reimagining the Future

Abraham Lincoln famously said. “The best way to predict future is to create it.” However, to create our future we first need to imagine it. What do we want? What will make us happy or at peace? What are our core values we aspire towards?

When we know what we want, we can take steps to create it! Join our workshop on Reimagining the future, where we will imagine different future possibilities based on our values, and choose the one we are most resonant with.

This workshop is based on the concept of multiverse which states that we might be living in parallel universes. The theory which is more a philosophical notion than scientific theory, raises a significant question. “If we live in multiple universes, can we choose one?”. We believes the answers is “yes”. In this workshop, you will:

– Resonate with your core Values
– Re-Imagine different future based on your values
– Select the most resonant one, and identify next steps for creation.

Take a step into becoming your future self.

PS: If you have attended previous workshop on Resonating with inner Values, please bring your Values book with you.

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Deepak is a passionate explorer of “what it means to be human”, and aims to bring humanistic elements to our working life. At the core, we are humans working with other humans. Harnessing his values of joy and wisdom, he aspires to bring cutting edge tools, creative techniques, and experiential focus to provide a deep and safe container for new unfolding.

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MQ Learning: Reimagining the Future

Mon 14. Oct 2019 , 18:30 - 21:00

Location: Colab, C2