Marketing The Right Way – Workshop Series for Solopreneurs

If you’re a solopreneur – small business owner, consultant, freelancer – starting or already running your beloved business on your own, you most probably wear many hats in your business which means your time becomes very precious.

You know very well that having a consistent flow of new or repeat customers is crucial to keep your business alive and growing but at the same time, it may be very hard to identify the right steps to keep attracting the right customers via all the various marketing options you have nowadays, especially via online marketing (website, email, social media, SEO, ads etc.)

So if any of the following resonates with you:

  • you’re not sure who your target customers are; where your niche is
  • you’re frustrated with all the social media options around you and with the constantly changing marketing landscape
  • you have tried some marketing yourself but it didn’t really work
  • your time is precious and you want to invest it in meaningful way to grow your business,

then this workshop series Marketing the Right Way, kicking off on Aug 29, is for you!


You get started the right way, with clear guidance during 4-5 weeks via the workshops on how to leverage marketing for Your product or services to attract new and right customers.
You act on it, in a meaningful way, right away at each of the 4 workshops, plus there will be specific actions for you between the workshops so that you make progress with your marketing activities rather than just listen and.. procrastinate!

More details and tickets HERE (12 tickets available as it’s a small group workshop series)

Note: Please bring you laptop.



Andrea Drietomska, Marketing Strategist for Startups & Solopreneurs
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Marketing The Right Way – Workshop Series for Solopreneurs

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