Hub Massage Experience

The Deep-Tissue Massage is designed to relieve you from tension and discomfort.

Massages are available on a regular basis (weekly mostly on Thursdays 10am – 4 pm). You can choose between 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions.

Massages are performed on a professional massage bench in the meeting room C3 at Colab.

A smell neutral and non-oily cocoa butter is used to guarantee you no marks and smells stay with you after the massage.

Special prices for Hub Members

  • 30 min massage / CHF 35
  • 60 min massage / CHF 60
  • 90 min massage / CHF 80


If you aren’t a member of the Impact Hub Zürich, please inform the masseur accordingly and benefit from his normal, slightly higher, but still very fair prices.

(Payment preferably cash, but card option available)

If you are a member of the Impact Hub Zürich and would like to book a slot for a massage outside of the “Hub Massage Experience” sessions at the masseurs practice rooms, please contact Patrick directly.

Phone: 076 429 64 93



About the massage

The posture of the skeleton is influenced significantly by the muscles. Tension oftentimes can be traced back to blockages in the deep muscles and sticky connective tissues.

In this procedure the focus therefore is on the causes, not the symptoms. With sensitive and accurate manual manoeuvres the deep-lying blockages are treated.

This massage form is slow, concentrated and leads to a deep relaxation.

About the masseur Patrick 

Patrick is 34 years old and speaks German, English, Italian and French. He completed his basic education in  deep muscle and connective-tissue massage in 2010.

Ever since, he has joined yearly Massage and Bodywork supervisions, as well as psychological group seminars and retreats for consciousness work.


Short-cut Infos

Hub Massage Experience

10. May 2017 , 10:00 - 16:00

Location: Colab

Contact Person

Isabels’ main interest centers on what drives people and on how they can be supported to achieve their goals. Therefore she studied social, organizational and business psychology at the University of Zurich. Her joy of learning and her curiosity brought her to different places and challenges. It has, amongst others, led her to teach in Ghana, to do research in the field of behavior change ...

Isabel Kaeshammer, Community Builder, Business Help Desk, Event Moderation

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