XING – STRIDE | #expulZ Personal Branding for (all) Professionals

Brand yourself for the career you want, not the job you have.
– Dan Schawbel

What do people say about you when you are not in the room? What do people find when they google your name? Whether we want to or not, all of us have a “personal brand”, i.e. a public identity which till a large extent influence how others view us. Our choice is not between not having a personal brand or having one; the choice is between mindlessly accepting the personal brand we have, or shaping it into the public identity we want it to be.

We live in a transparent and interconnected world. Decreases in job security and the growth of job-hopping and entrepreneurship force us to rely on ourselves rather than on our employers to build our professional reputation. In our information age the public identity you have often reaches the people you want to do business with before they take the time to engage with you. Now what if that brand is not corresponding to what you would like it to be? Indeed, you miss out on opportunities. Building one’s personal brand is changing from becoming an optional activity to a necessary one.

Some of you have probably asked yourself recently the following questions: is this the job I want to do for the rest of my life? Am I on my way to find purpose in what I do? As an old Chinese saying goes “If you are not happy with what you are currently doing, you will not be happy doing the same thing in the future.” Now the next step comes: what if you want to change careers? Your current person brand (a.k.a. CV in this case) is usually a reflection of your past actions, and not of the path you want to go in the future. Curating a personal brand for the “new you” is the single most effective way to enable yourself opportunities to change career to a different field.

During this after-work event, Youri Sawerschel from Creative Supply will introduce the topic of “Personal Branding”, highlight different aspects and offer a format for exchange among the participants. The event will be followed by an apéro where you will have the opportunity to exchange with others.

If you cannot come or want to go more in-depth with the topic, the next STRIDE Lab on Personal Branding on February 23-24 2018 might be something for you? Drop the STRIDE Team a line if you want to obtain one of the 3 early-bird tickets (50% off)

Registration and Payment 

You can register here. The price for the seminar including an Apéro is 45 CHF. The first 10 “Early Bird” tickets can be bought for 35 CHF.


Should you have to cancel, we can’t refund the amount. In that case however, you have the option of naming a substitute.

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XING – STRIDE | #expulZ Personal Branding for (all) Professionals

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