Enlivened Minds In Action

After our success at SBParis19, we bring this innovative and audacious sample-class back to Zürich, where it started.  

If you experiencing stress or feeling of being overwhelmed with your project or work, have difficulties in clarifying your project’s goals and benefits, seem to be failing on overcoming obstacles or simply feel a lack of creativity, confidence, that you are out of solutions or not being convincing about your ideas this class might be for you. If you are open to trying an innovative approach that aims to bring the right and left sides of your brain together working in harmony for the most effective results, while you keep happy and relaxed, even during difficult moments, join this class.

This class is for people working on sustainability projects or pushing forward an idea for a sustainable business. It is for people wanting to improve their companies, helping it to be more sustainable but can’t really grasp how to do so. It is for start-ups and SMEs who do not have many resources but believe they could empower themselves and their team to find sustainable solutions for their business. Or it it is for anyone willing to discover l an innovative tool for effective project development with creativity.

This class is designed for open-minded people. For people interested in creating amazing results for their businesses and for the world. For people who are not afraid of vulnerability and can deal with innovative ways of thinking or want to try something different.

We will use visualization and mindfulness as tools for practical engagement in projects for the better good. We will work on self-awareness and awareness of how to be effective by opening your mind to different possibilities created by positive thinking, as well as creative thinking. Following this, we will engage with our analytical brain and we will use researched data, a powerful and scientific framework – The Natural Step® and tools from the Future-Fit® Business Benchmarking.

What will you get?

  • Learn about an innovative way to make your projects for a more sustainable world to succeed
  • Learn about mindfulness and a way to apply it on your own at your daily and professional life
  • Learn to use your more artistic and creative side of the brain in harmony with your more logical and analytical one
  • Become capable of applying the ABCD process of The Natural Step®, a framework for sustainability solutions
  • Figure out which are the 23 goals of the Future Fit® Business Benchmarking and have an overview on how to use them
  • Take away a sample-tool you can use at any of your projects to guarantee their success and effectiveness

This sample-workshop is for FREE.

It also takes place on other dates:

Tue, May 21 18:30
Mon, Jun 3 18:30

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Enlivened Minds In Action

Wed 29. May 2019 , 18:30 - 20:30

Location: Colab