15 Stories and Discoveries about Happiness

What makes you happy? What makes your life meaningful? How much of your everyday happiness is up to your choice? How can you actually “happify” your life in 100 days?
At this session you will hear answers to the questions above and more by people who have dedicated 100 days of their everyday lives to fill them with happiness. Whether it’s about realizing their dreams and doing more of what makes them happy, they cannot wait to share their learnings from the happiness discovery journey with you.
This is also the graduation session of the second Zurich intake of the free Applied Happiness Course course on happy meaningful life. Backed by the positive psychology research, it runs 2 times a year in cities around the world. Each of 8 sessions spread across 100 days focuses on cultivation of key behaviors that are linked with long-term sustainable happiness.
The next Zurich intake to the course will start in September 2017. So this session will be a great opportunity for you to chat with those who are finishing it right now.
Drinks & snacks will be provided
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15 Stories and Discoveries about Happiness

Mon 24. Apr 2017 , 19:00

Location: Viadukt

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