Workshop: How to Reimagine Your Future

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

„The best way to predict future is to create it“ – Abraham Lincoln

We give ourself permission to imagine different future possibilities and select the one we would like to create based on our individual & shared values. In this you will learn to:

– Reconnect with your values

– Visualize different futures & choose the most resonant one

– Develop an action plan to live the future

This workshop is conducted in English. Regular Price: CHF 195/-; Limited Seats to facilitate better participation (just 12). Reserve early, early bird pricing available.


„I greatly enjoyed the workshop on values with Deepak! He delivered it with much authenticity, passion and calm, creating a safe space for attendees to speak openly about their experiences.“ – Ellen M., Entrepreneur

„Deepak’s training is very refreshing and to the point. He can notice when to let the group speak and when to move on which is a big plus for me. It is amazing how his seemingly easy exercises create such clarity about your values and beliefs. His experience in both the business side and the ’soft‘ side make a difference.“ – Afke S., Senior Data Scientist

„I attended an MQ learning workshop where Deepak guided us through a value and purpose discovery journey. I would unreservedly recommend his sincere and inspiring approach. The way Deepak designs and facilitates his workshops is shaped by the creativity that was deeply rooted in his rich and versatile life experience. The depth of conversations, the connections made in such an environment is truly what we need in the business world, deeper self-awareness would support empathy and collaboration in the workplace. I’m sure he’ll be able to bring such creativity and wisdom to more people.“- Chunfeng D., ABB Learning Manager


Deepak is a passionate explorer of „what it means to be human“, and aims to bring humanistic elements to our working life. Standing at the intersection of business (MBA HSG), technology (Mtech India), and Humanities (MA Philosophy, Coach CPCC, ACC), he integrates logic, relations, and values for holistic development. Harnessing his values of joy and wisdom, he aspires to bring cutting edge tools, creative techniques, and experiential focus to provide a deep and safe container for new unfolding.


Event location: Galerie Pirlot, Hohlstrasse 209, Zürich

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