Win your first Customer … and beyond (Online event)

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This session is an opportunity to discuss tried and tested, street-smart approach to Boost customer acquisition for your B2B Tech Startup.

Winning first customer is tough! You are launching a unique tech solution and looking to access the most attractive markets? It is not “sales”! Many tech startups struggle to identify, attract, train and retain qualified Business Developers. In addition, a “sales” approach can backfire if you are starting to sell while a client is still in “education” mode.

If the economy continues to head south, what does it mean for entrepreneurs ready to scale their business? Should they hold off on growing sales? Should they take a more conservative approach? My answer is no. In my view, a down economy is the best time to build a sales team.

Mark Roberge leading Sales at HubSpot during the 2008 crisis.

This session is an opportunity to discuss tried and tested, street-smart approach to Boost customer acquisition for your B2B Tech Startup. The success of a start-up sales activities is directly linked to two aspects of Business Development:

First, the Team skillset and attitude.

Selling novel, unique solutions is not business as usual. Salespeople need both product knowledge and market knowledge—an understanding of market trends and customer buying patterns. They bring a strong understanding of the technology, combined with great listening skills. They are also resilient, acknowledging that this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Second, the good tools and methods.

A great team strives for executing a robust business development process, which is very selective and focused to capitalize and protect your unique value proposition. You want to foster efficiency from the initial market segmentation, target focus, initial outreach all the way to the lead qualification. This also requires discipline to delete less promising prospects.

This webinar will provide practical insights on how to build and manage a team with the right attitude. It will also provide hands-on guidance on how to execute an efficient business development process. It includes answers to questions like:

  • How should I organize and prioritize my customer outreach?
  • Is it best to go wide and shallow or focused and deep?
  • Can I adapt my outreach depending on product complexity and sales cycle?
  • How do I get in touch with the right decision maker?
  • What does it really mean to qualify a lead?

We will talk with Lugas Raka Adrianto, Business Development Associate at Sparksense. He will draw from his real-life experience working with start-ups and share his passion for sustainable technology.

You will have the opportunity of a live chat to ask relevant questions.

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Win your first Customer … and beyond (Online event)

Do 26. Mrz 2020 , 18:00