What a Rubik’s Cube Can Teach You about Your Life

Imagine your life as a Rubik’s cube. Each of the surfaces represents one important aspect of your life. If you solve the Rubik’s cube, then your life is in balance and you are satisfied with it. How long will it take you to solve the Rubik’s cube? The minimum number of moves needed to solve any Rubik’s cube is 20 and if just randomly start turning the pieces, you have over 43 quintillion possible configurations. Clearly, there must be a way of solving it with closer to 20 moves. How do you even start with that?

In a playful way we are going to:

– Experiment and explore the ways of solving the Rubik’s cube

– Define important factors which will help you with solving the Rubik’s cube

– Reflect on your own strategies and blind spots when solving your cube

– Identify the environment of your Rubik’s cube


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The workshop is addressed to anyone who:

– Feels stuck in life and do not know how and where to start

– Would like to change their life but it is too busy to find a time to do that

– Is ready and open to exchange with others about creating a fulfilling life and wants to have some fun

Bring your own Rubik’s cube if you have one.

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About the organizer:

Ania is a certified leadership coach who works with inspiring people in an individual and group coaching, as well as a facilitator in workshops hold Zürich and worldwide. She supports individuals to develop awareness and connection with their inner wisdom and courage to act upon that.

For more go to: www.aniasumara.com




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What a Rubik’s Cube Can Teach You about Your Life

Mo 18. Feb 2019 , 18:30 - 21:00

Location: Colab

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Karin joined Impact Hub Zurich from Impact Hub Singapore after having studied and worked in the US and Germany. A native Swiss-Colombian, she is a polyglot by passion. Her academic background is in music, business psychology, digital management & transformation. She believes in building identity, in the value of community and the power of curated connections.

Karin Stephan, Community & Ecosystem Builder


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